Tuesday, March 17, 2015

whole 30 aip

My awesome hubs had a flare up of gout this weekend and it was terrible. he was in a lot of pain and we had to go to the doctor's office this weekend and pay out the butt.
he also has thyroid issues....

we've been looking at the paleo lifestyle. trying to figure out if it would work for us.

ok lets be honest. it looks damn hard and being lazy we did not want to do it, put in the effort.

but the aip- auto-immune protocol that follows the whole 30 is exactly what we're doing.

sodas and sugary drinks have been gone for over a week. we're going to follow the aip and eliminate some big things from our diet. i'm sure i'm going to be miserable, but it's the best way to see what is triggering us food wise. for me, i know my beloved cheese is not exactly working with me now. every time i eat cheese my mouth turns really red and hurts.

tonight dinner was hamburger steak, mashed sweet potato, peas (ick) a huge salad with strawberries and blackberries and a vinaigrette

i'm taking it one day at a time.

i'll update soon.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

i know its dumb

my knee jerk reaction when trying to lose weight is to eat less. like waay less. like nothing...

i know that's wrong. like every other overweight/obese/super obese/ person out there i've done the requisite reading and know how much i am supposed to intake. so why do I just keep not eating during the day until I get really sick and feel terrible???

I don't get it.

i know better.

i need to get on a schedule, which means i need to visit the grocery store soon, as we are out of nearly everything. oy

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Feels

Emotionally, I am doing terrible.

I am struggling and it's difficult.

I just have so much on my mind and it's just going round and round and round. still kicking butt on the elimination of sugar. it's tough but doable.

 i got through finals, finally. i have a week off and i'm calling it my detox week.

i am drowning in water. like every time i think of it, i grab my bottle of water (Which I refill, thank you environment) and chugging like a beast. I do drink unsweet tea with dinner for some flavor. but that's it.

so there's that. i'm scattered.

Saturday, February 21, 2015


I don't know what this place will become, but I know that in the past, the only times i have had success has been when I've kept a record/journal. So this will at least be that, if nothing else.

You see, I've tried and tried and tried to lose weight and I've failed.

Failed everyday

For years....

I am tired of it...

There is so much I want to do in life, but I am holding myself back. I am holding my spouse back..

That is not fair. To anyone.

I'm wiping my slate clean and starting over.


No rose colored glasses. Just me being real. My struggles and hopefully my successes.

Let's get it started.

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